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Scientific Advisory Board

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Pr I. Dimier-Poisson (PhD), 
François Rabelais University of Tours, France.
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

In September 2007, Professor Isabelle Dimier-Poisson has taken over from Professor Daniel Bout since september 2007 as director of the group "Parasite Immunology and Vaccinology" (UMR University-INRA). Since the emergence of the corporate endeavor, she has been involved in VitamFero’s foundation and growth and has been a key scientific advisor. She is indisputably a well-regarded and internationally recognized specialist of Apicomplexa parasites, especially T. gondii. She is the author of more than 50 papers in peer-viewed journals and is an inventor of 2 patent applications. She is director of the Master's Degree ICMVAT. Prof. Dimier-Poisson has led VitamFero’s SAB since its formation in early 2012.

Dr Romain Lasseur (Ph.D.)

Roman LASSEUR holds a Ph.D in Toxicology (2006), an Habilitation Research (2011) and a MBA from EM Lyon (2013).

He was R & D manager in the agrochemical industry, and then joined the National Veterinary School of Lyon where he served successively as Director of the Institute Claude Bourgelat (animal health expertise Center for Biomedical Research) and Director of public Affairs.

More recently, he created two companies in the pharmaceutical industry and agro-veterinary industry.

Dr. Eskild Petersen (MD, DSc),
Department of Infectious Diseases, Aarhus University Hospital Skejby, Denmark. 

Dr. Eskild Petersen obtained his specialist degree in Infectious Diseases in 1985 and after field work in malaria for 2 years in Liberia obtained his degree in Tropical Medicine in 1988. From 1985 to 1989, he was affiliated with the University of Stockholm (Sweden) in a research program on malaria vaccine. In 1992, he initiated the European Network for Congenital Toxoplasmosis supported by the EU research funds, that produced new data in diagnostic tests, treatment and pre- and neonatal screening up to its end in 2004. The author of dozens of papers in peer-viewed journals, Dr. Petersen is now working on vaccines and immunotherapy using Toxoplasma gondii as a model for immunity against chronic infections.

Dr Jérôme Thevenon (DVM),
Phatobio SAS 

Dr. Jerome Thevenon (DVM) is specialist of epidemiology, medical statistics, tropical microbiology, immunology and biotechnology. He began his career as a veterinary practitioner, and then joined the Department of Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory of the Territorial Agriculture and Forestry of New Caledonia. Subsequently, he developed a strong expertise in R & D overseeing many biological projects and participating in pharmaceutical projects in preclinical and clinical development, veterinary health, first at Rhone-Merieux, then in Merial finally at CEVA Animal Health. He held various management positions Innovation (Head of Laboratory, Project Manager ...) and more recently at Ceva as Director of biological projects (Biological Project Director) participated in the management committees, Strategic Committees and portfolio monitoring Projects. More recently, he created the PHATOBIO SAS Company which bought the PHATOPHY Company, a CRO operating for over 35 years in the biopharmaceutical testing business, preclinical and Regulatory Affairs in the areas of animal health and human health .

Author of numerous publications in peer-viewed journals, Dr. Jerome Thevenon VitamFero recently joined the Scientific Committee.